Friday, May 2, 2008

Poetry Friday: Boshblobberbosh

Boshblobberbosh: Runcible Poems for Edward Lear
By J. Patrick Lewis
Illustrated by Gary Kelley
Harcourt, 1998

I have recently begun a fascination with Edward Lear since I was trying to teach my students about limericks. I stumbled across this picture book biography of sorts by J. Patrick Lewis. The story is told in poems as a tribute to Mr. Lear. Lewis includes an author’s notes with a few facts about Lear’s life. Then in the back of the books there are notes on each poem and how it relates to something in Lear’s life. And yes, Lewis includes a few limericks himself.

The one I will share today is “A Day in the Life”. It has a companion poem “A Night in the Life” in the book.

A Day in the Life…

Mr. Lear
Wakes at ten
Walks six miles
Paints a glen
Points his cat
Home again

Picks an olive
Plucks a flower
Takes a bath
By thundershower
Hears the cuckoo
Cluck the hour

So at four
Sips his tea
Takes a nap
Tickles high

Pats his bed
Snuggles in
With a grin
Reads a book
By Tennyson

Lays it down
Wonders long
What is wrong
Hums a little

Hums a little
Silly song
Hums a little

Sadly, this book is out of print, but I found it at my local library.

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Lisa Chellman said...

The name of the book caught my eye on Big A little a, and the poem is terrific, too! I'm reserving it at my library as I type... Thanks for sharing it!