Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Poetry Stretch: "Coke Man"

The Miss Rumphius Effect posted a Tuesday poetry stretch that challenged us to use the terms "loose change" in a poem. I must confess, I cheated. I wrote this poem the other day, but I knew the words "loose change" would fit better than the phrase I used. So I exchanged two of my words for two of her words and wah-la! Here it is:

Coke Man

The Coke man
parks his cart
by the school gates
for droves of children
hot, tired,
coins ringing
in their pockets.

Bottle pops open,
fizzy liquid flows into a
secured with a rubber band
in one corner,
a straw hole in the other.

I hand over my loose change,
and begin the hot walk home,
my bag of Coke bobbing
with each step.

ChiangMai, Thailand

1 comment:

Cloudscome said...

What a sharp picture. I can almost feel the hot sun and the sweet drink bobbing along. Soda in a bag - people are ingenious! You fit the phrase in a natural spot.