Friday, February 26, 2010

Poetry Friday--A Kyrielle

Thanks to The Miss Rumphius Effect for the Poetry Stretch on Monday. One of my goals is to do as many as I can. I love the challenge. I even started a journal just for this purpose. BTW, if you have a Michael's craft store in your area, they have some of the best journals for $1!!!!! Everytime I stop in, I buy a few.

The poetry stretch for this week is a Kyrielle. See the link above to see what that is. Here's mine:

Nepalese Monsoon

Steaming tin roof, sloped and plain
echoes the drumbeat of the rain

waiting beneath for the rumble to wane
while downpours puddle up the rain

my thoughts jumble in my brain
scrambled by deafening onslaught of rain

a conversation I try to feign
but give up shouting over the rain

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