Friday, June 15, 2007

Children's Books in the News

Today I had the rare opportunity to watch TV in the morning. I was unpacking boxes in my new classroom for next year. In the middle of the mess, I watched the Today Show, which I haven't done since last summer. I am usually on my way to work when it begins.

There were lots of children's books in the news today:

1) The Nancy Drew movie is in theaters everywhere today.

2) Al Roker met with his book club to talk to them about Rick Riordan's The Lightning Thief. You can read a transcript of the questions the book club members asked Riordan in this interview here. You can view the video of the book club segment here.

3) Al Roker released his third choice for the book club. It's Swordbird by Nancy Yi Fan, teen author.

Wow! I never thought just having the Today show on as "background noise" would prove to be a fruitful education.

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Camille said...

Thank you for finding the video of Rockstar Rick Riordan's Today show appearance. I've been waiting for it!

Good Luck with 5th grade next year too.