Monday, June 18, 2007

Summer Blog Blast Tour Begins

There is a great interview with Gene Yang, author of American Born Chinese (graphic novel) over at Finding Wonderland. This is the kick off of the Summer Blog Blast Tour. I can't wait for more.

I recently read American Born Chinese. I am not a big graphic novel fan. In fact, I'll admit, when I first learned about graphic novels 3 summers ago, I thought it was porn. I'm ashamed... However, this graphic novel was very good. It is several stories woven into one. I always thought of comic books as violent and not very "literary", I thought of them as "boy books". While I think American Born Chinese would really appeal to relunctant boy readers, I also really enjoyed it myself. There is a lot of story there! The fact that this book won the Printz Award really made me stand up and take notice. I was drawn to it also because it's about a kid who is between cultures. He's totally American, but he is also a part of his Chinese culture. It struck a cord with me since I'm American, but grew up overseas. After reading this, I'm becoming more open minded about graphic novels...

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