Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Throwing My Hat in the Ring...

Call me a glutton for punishment... or just a person who thrives on deadlines. In any case, I'm joining Read Write Poem's NaPoWriMo for the month of April.

The challenge? Write a poem a day in the month of April.

I recently participated in the Picture Book Marathon in the month of February. It was a struggle, but I eeked out 26 picture books. And I'm still working on them--one by one. It will take me a long time to make my way through them all, but it was worth it. I have a huge folder full of material to work with.

I hope this poetry challenge will be good for me too. I bought a new journal at Michael's for a dollar for all of my little poems to go into.

What do I think will be challenging? It will be spring, so I'll probably want to be outside more than inside. That being said, many of my poems might be about my garden, spring, etc because I'll probably take that journal outside with me.

Also, my parents will be visiting, so I may alter my writing schedule a bit. I don't get to visit with them very often, so I will be taking advantage of getting to spend some time with them.'s a poem a day. Even if I get a draft or two of each poem done, I think that's an accomplishment.

I'll publish a few here, but I might try to work a few into my novel-in-progress which has poems in it.

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