Monday, March 29, 2010

Animating the Inanimate

The Miss Rumphius Effect has issued a Monday Poetry Stretch to animate the inanimate.

On Wednesday, my parents will disembark a plane from Thailand and see their two grandsons, now 9 months and 11 months. They are very different boys from when they saw them last at 1 month and 3 months. They will also see their two granddaughters, ages 6 and 5, who have grown a lot too.

by Marcie Flinchum Atkins

poses like a great winged bird
who never flaps his wings.
poised for take-off
goes from 0 to 600
quick enough
to make your ears pop
and your sinuses dry out.
closes up
like a Tupperware container,
preserving people
from one destination
to the next.
nose dives and screeches
to a halt,
spitting out people,
stretching and anxious
to hug awaiting necks.


Amy Tate said...

I've never thought about an airplane as a tupperware container - great analogy! They even smell the same, don't they?

violet said...

I like the 'spitting out people' part. Never thought of the airplane as eager to get rid of its passengers - as eager as they are to get off.