Friday, February 16, 2007

My love of children's books

When did I start loving children's books? Probably when I was being potty trained. I heard stories of my cousin forcing me to sit on the toilet while she read me a book and insisted that I use the bathroom. I have loved children's books ever since.

I became a teacher as a good excuse to keep reading children's books and to promote good books to kids. I also fell in love with good children's books all over again when I took my first children's lit. class as an undergrad.

Then, I decided I wanted to really get serious about my study of children's literature and get even more serious about writing children's literature. I had always loved writing, and I wanted to do even more. When I was finally paying for my own graduate school, I did what I'd always wanted to do--get a degree in writing. Well, I sort of did. My masters is from the wonderful Hollins University Children's Literature program.

I've missed discussing and critiquing children's lit, so I have found a new way to do it. Blogging.... So here begins my book banter.Hopefully it will be a place where I can regularly talk about my writing and my reading of children's books.


Jen Robinson said...

Welcome to the world of children's book blogging. Like you, I have never given up my love of children's books, despite being well past childhood. I hope that your writing is going well, and I look forward to what you produce on your blog. Thanks for linking to mine!

The Buried Editor said...

Welcome to the blog world Marcie. It's great to have another Hollins folk on here. How's VA? How's the writing? Life?

I look forward to reading more.


M.F. Atkins said...

Thanks so much for your comments. I am enjoying this blog thing. I think I'll enjoy it more once I can figure out all of its idiosyncrasies. Writing is coming, slowly. I have been in a rut, but I am trying to make my way out. Life is good. I am enjoying reading picture books nightly to my daughter (2 1/2). We have had lots of fun reading and rereading and rereading some really awesome books!