Saturday, March 10, 2007

It's Hollins Time Again!

The highlight at the end of my winter is always receiving the Hollins packet that gives the courses being taught and the events for the summer.

I did a little dance yesterday when I got my packet. I was thrilled to see Paul Janeczko and editor Michael Stearns (HarperCollins) will be speaking in July (not together). There is a summer chock-ful of good stuff. I really would LOVE to take the Children's Mystery Novels class, but I will be otherwise engaged this summer. We have plans to be in Thailand visiting my parents for the summer. I will only be here for some of the summer activities at Hollins. I'm so fortunate to live only 15 min. away from Hollins, so even if I can't take classes, I can still go to the special events.

I can't wait!

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