Friday, July 27, 2007

I DID get Harry Potter

The last time I posted I said that I couldn't get Harry Potter here in Thailand without ordering it special, and even then, it wouldn't get here until I was about to leave the country. Well, that bookstore was WRONG. I walked into four other bookstores and Harry's face (well, not really, but his book cover) is plastered all over the place! I could choose. Did I want Harry Potter with the American cover, or Harry with one of two British covers? I picked Bloomsbury's most attractive cover, in my opinion. You can view it here (sorry I can import the picture directly here--I'm using someone else's computer). After a quick peek at I realized I chose the adult cover of Bloomsbury edition.

The kids cover, which I didn't like as well is here:

I figured I could get the American version at home when I get there. So, I AM reading Harry--and I have only 200 pages left to go. I will finish it tonight before I head to Bangkok tomorrow.

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