Monday, July 9, 2007

On the Road

Tomorrow I am heading out for a month-long trip to Thailand. I am looking forward to going, but I'm a little worried about the 30-some-odd hour plane trip with my 2 1/2 year old. I have a backpack stuffed with lots of fun stuff, but even that will get old after all of that time.

I will not be blogging as much over the next month. I am hoping to post every now and then. If the Internet connection is strong, I'll try to do an occasion blurb. I will still be checking e-mail, so I will get all of your comments.

While I won't be in the middle of nowhere, there will be some things I will probably miss while I'm there:
1) The release of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Although I'm hoping it will be released in Thailand while I'm there. I may have to watch it with English subtitles, but won't that be fun?
2) The release of Harry Potter Book Number 7 The Deathly Hollows. Once again I'm hoping to get my paws on a copy of this book while I'm there. I want to see if the bookstores are carrying Harry Potter in Thai. I also want to see if Harry is even big in SE Asia. I don't know. The last time I was there, Harry wasn't around yet.
3) Keeping up with the blogs. Alas, as much as I like to read other kidlit blogs, I will not have access to Internet at my parent's house. I will have to go elsewhere to read e-mails and such. And since there are other things to do there, I will probably be hopelessly behind on a month's worth of blog reading. It's for a good cause though.

What I hope I will get to do:
1) Find some cool Asian graphic novels--maybe even some in English.
2) Provide some ambiance for my writing. I have been diligently working on two projects set in Asia. Being there will give me the opportunity to really get to refresh my details on both projects.
3) Catch up on some reading. I have stacks of books I'm taking with me. I plan to leave most of them there after I read them.

If you don't hear from me, you'll know where I've gone. I'll be back in mid-August.

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a. fortis said...

Hi Marcie, the SCBWI newsletter I get is called Expression Online and is actually a Yahoo Group. I have no recollection of how exactly I joined, but there is information on who to e-mail to become part of the list if you go to the group site.

Thanks for cruising by Finding Wonderland!