Friday, January 4, 2008

Poetry Friday--The Moon is La Luna

For Poetry Friday I have been saving a book that was nominated for the Cybils Poetry Category: The Moon is La Luna: Silly Rhymes in English and Spanish, Rhymes by Jay M. Harris, pictures by Matthew Cordell (Houghton Mifflin, 2007).

This book is so clever! It uses rhyme to introduce readers to Spanish words. The rhymes tell the meaning of the words, but also relate them to something silly in English. A true word dance!

Here is one of my favorites:

When you take a nap, it’s una siesta.
When you throw a party, it’s una fiesta.
It would be best
To get a short rest,
So before la fiesta, siesta!

This book also features a Spanish pronunciation guide and a glossary of English meanings for Spanish words. This book came to school today. I am going to do a book talk on it. I know some of my Spanish speaking students will get a kick out of it.

Poetry Friday roundup is at A Year of Reading.


Mary Lee said...

Sounds like one I need for my classroom, too!

TadMack said...

Not only do I like this one, the pre-fiesta siesta is a REALLY good idea!

Tricia said...

I love this book. I received a copy from the illustrator at the Kidlit conference in Chicago. My elementary folks in schools with large ESL populations have been borrowing it for use with their kids.

Kelly Fineman said...

I passed my CYBILS review copy along to a friend who's a first-grade teacher and she adores it (as does her class).

Cloudscome said...

Oh yes we need this book in our library!