Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Self-Service Library

I was very surprised yesterday when I did one of my many runs to the library during a week's time. I collected my books on hold from the self-service bookshelf (this used to be behind the counter), scooped up a few books for my daughter for bedtime reading, and headed to the desk. The librarian informed me that I was welcome to try the self-service check out system. I am a big self-service kind of gal. I always do self-service at the grocery store when I can because I usually run on high-speed all of the time. The less I have the wait, the better.

I ran my books under the little scanner and headed out the door. No waiting, no stamping due dates. I was in and out. There are many days when I wait in a long line to check out books. This will alleviate some of the congestion. While I think this is a marvelous service, and I, myself, will use it almost 100% of the time, I will miss my conversations with the librarians. I may have to jump in the old-fashioned line every now and then for my chat about books--and for my daughter to get her animal stamp on her hand (it's the only way I can convince her to leave the library).

After my self-checkout at the library, I headed to Kroger where I purchased mozzarella cheese through the self-checkout line too. I think the library is better--its machine doesn't ask for money.

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