Friday, April 9, 2010

NaPoWriMo Day #9

I've always thought the more you write, the more you get into the habit, the easier it gets. I don't struggle with sitting down everyday to write. But everyday these poetry prompts seem to get more difficult for me. Today, I felt my students' pain when I say write sentences and you must use all of the spelling words.

Today's prompt included a word list, and then a few other rules. I had to use twelve of the suggested words, include something that tastes terrible, include some part of another poem that didn't pan out, and include a sound that makes you happy.

Doing one or two of these things might not have been so bad, but doing all of them was really tricky. Kind of like a puzzle. When you are fresh, it can be kind of fun. On a Friday evening, I was brain dead.

Here's my sad attempt:

On the Fringe

Winter wind scrubs my face
like a pumice stone
against a callous.

I stow hand warmers
inside the flap
of my jacket,
strumming my fingertips
against their heat
until I bruise.
I click my tongue
over the bitter cold.

A campfire by the swishing river
wattles through my mind.
The fringe of my scarf
startles me back to reality--
I am a marionette
in the talons
of Old Man Winter,

ready for spring
to robe me in sunshine.

by Marcie Flinchum Atkins
April 9, 2010


Rallentanda said...

Well inspite of all the moaning
this was very very good and one of my favouries. Easy peasy!

M.F. Atkins said...

You're right--I did do a lot of moaning. Sometimes a prompt can force me to do something I wouldn't otherwise do. :)