Friday, February 15, 2008

Color Poems

I love the book Hailstones and Halibut Bones by Mary O'Neill. For years I've used this ancient copy from the school library. The illustrations were faded and outdated, but the poems were wonderful. Each poem is about a different color. This year, I found a newer illustrated version (although still over 10 years old) by John Wallner. I read this with my fourth graders and we write our own color poems.

Here's my Red poem.

What is Red?
by Marcie Flinchum Atkins

Red is a tomato
Ripe in the summer
Red is your skin
Burnt bright--it’s a bummer

Red is a fire truck
Putting out the red flame
Red is an angry face
That’s been called a mean name

Red is a dog’s tongue
With warm, slobbery kisses
Red is a Valentine heart
From someone who misses

Red is cayenne pepper
Hot as fire
Red are the eyes
Worn out and tired

Red is a scream
Piercing and loud
Red is the cut
Of which you are proud

Red is a cardinal and cherries
And bright roses of spring
Red is an apple
And leaves that fall on everything

Red is a candy cane
And Santa’s soft suit
And a stocking that’s filled
With cinnamon candies to boot

Red is the color
Of stripes on our flag
Red is the face
On your mom’s face when she brags

About you!

The Poetry Friday roundup is at HipWriterMama.


MotherReader said...

Oh, and its a metaphor poem like Miss Rumphius was collecting this week. Nice.

AndiTIC said...
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hey2blondie said...

I just love your metaphor! My students are using metaphors in their descriptive essays and are struggling with them. What are great way to show metaphors! Andi from English Teacher Party