Friday, February 1, 2008

Shape Poems--Poetry Friday

I am a huge fan of Jane Yolen's haiku book Least Things. Her haiku is paired with her son's stunning photography. I blogged about it here.
Her latest poetry book paired with her son's photography is:

photographs by Jason Stemple
Each photograph highlights the shapes that we find in poetry including hearts, rectangles, triangles, circles, and more. Yolen has paired her poetry with each photograph, but also there are words floating around the page that match with the shape.

by Jane Yolen

Hearts are not always red,
Not always full of love,
Not always beating steadily.
Some hearts fall from above.
Dry, solo, autumn-hued,
The still heart of a tree
Settles on the leafy ground
For all eternity.

(This poem share a spread with close-up photos of heart-shaped leaves).

The Poetry Friday round-up is at Karen Edmisten's blog.

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Karen E. said...

We love Jane Yolen around here, too. My oldest daughter just finished one of her historical novels, and LOVED it.