Friday, February 29, 2008

Poetry Friday: A Poem for My Grandfather

My grandfather, whom I call Daddy Marcus, gave me my first poetry books as a child. I still have them. Here is my poem of reflection:

by Marcie Flinchum Atkins

You opened the world
of poetry
to me
through the gift of Shel.

I memorized, chanted and sang
"Ickle Me,
Pickle Me,
Tickle Me Too."
I read The Light in the Attic,
Where the Sidewalk Ends,
until the pages were dog-eared,
yellowed with age.

Important moments,
holidays, calls
were few,
but you gave me the gift of words,
the music of poetry.

Those poems still sit on my shelf
and I visit them
once in awhile.

His words will always inspire me--
my first link
to my love of poetry.

Shel will always be
what connects
me to

Poetry Friday roundup is at Writing and Ruminating.


Kelly Fineman said...

What a lovely gift - his to you, and yours back to him. I went into Mr. Linky and fixed your link - it was going to your Feb. 1st post, so I deleted and reentered so folks will find your beautiful poem.

jama said...

What a lovely tribute. Thanks, Marcie!

Cloudscome said...

What a beautiful poem. Reminds us of how important those few gifts of poetry of books really are... life changing! You are blessed.

Anonymous said...

I know Shels poems are great. My mother read some of them to me when I was a kid too. They are so unique, and a lot of them make you laugh.